Re: XIM key interpretation fix for 2.2.x?

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 23:10, TOKUNAGA Hiroyuki wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 16:58:18 -0700
> Ken Deeter <ktdeeter alumni princeton edu> wrote:
> > I've been looking through bugzilla for the exact report.. but there
> > was(still is w/ 2.2.x) a problem where when using the XIM based
> > immodule, key events are recieved by the application even when an XIM
> > consumes those keys. 
>  It's not a problem about XIM based immodule only. All of immodule has
> the same problem. I've reported to bugzilla a few month ago, and you can
> see the report at

I'd suggest looking at:

instead. The problem is not 

 "widgets should get all keystrokes before accelerator processing"


 "Input methods should get keystrokes before accelerator processing"

The first would be a way of solving the second, but not the only

> > Anyhow, I know it has been fixed (i just can't find the report) and
> > was curious if it could be backported to the 2.2.x branch, as it is
> > still quite annoying to deal with (in every gtk+ app). I tried 2.2.3
> > but the behaviour was still the same.
>  This bug has been fixed? I've tested latest CVS now, but seems this bug
> isn't fixed yet.
>  To solve this problem, once inputing starts, input method should steal
> all inputs from the keyboard until inputing ends, I think. (I haven't
> finished reading XEMBED Spec and haven't understood proper behavior of
> Client/Embedder, so I cannot say how we should do to solve the problem.)

Yes, handling XEMBEd is a major problem here.


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