Re: gtk+-2.2.0 ./configure error about pango 1.2.0


busmanus <busmanus lk freemail hu> writes:

> > Looks like for whatever reason libexpat (used by fontconfig) is
> > not found in your library search path.
> >
> What does that mean? Fontconfig must have found it during
> compilation, because the reason I installed expat was fontconfig
> refusing to compile without it. It's in /usr/lib by the way and
> everything else seems to find it.

I am surprised as well but I checked again and the symbols are indeed
from expat. If you were not on Linux, I would say that your linker
needs explicit dependencies but afaik that is only the case on

I guess that something went wrong with your libexpat installation.
The fact that fontconfig compiled does only mean that the expat
headers were found, it doesn't say much about the state of the
library. Does 'ldconfig -v' list libexpat ?  Does 'nm -D
/usr/lib/' list the symbols that were shown to be missing
in config.log?


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