Re: found one warning

On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 03:46:35PM -0800, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> As a follow up to my previous message, I *did* find where one of my
> warning messages was being generated. It's on this line:
> gtk_widget_add_accelerator (company_checkbutton, "toggled", accel_group,
>                               GDK_c, GDK_MOD1_MASK,
>                               GTK_ACCEL_VISIBLE);
> As soon as that line is executed, I get the following warning message:
> (dispatcher:2906): Gtk-WARNING **: gtkwidget.c:2653: widget
> `GtkCheckButton' has no activatable signal "toggled" without arguments
> The question still remains as to *why* I get this message. I've set up a
> "toggled" signal for that checkbutton and attached a handler to it
> (on_button_name_toggled) so I'm not sure why I get this message. 
> I've set up regular buttons with key accelerators with "clicked" signals
> and do not get any warnings like this.
> Any ideas/help is appreciated.

Well, the possibilities according to the message are:

 - GtkCheckButton has no signal 'toggled'
 - it has the signal but it's not activatable
 - it has the activatable signal but it has arguments

In this case, I believe 'toggled' is not activatable. So it can't be
used in this context. 'clicked' should work on a check button, though.

For the size_request warning, the height passed in is not >= -1,
pretty simple. Don't pass in a negative height. ;-) 


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