Re: Package gdk was not found in the pkg-config search path

On 12 Feb 2003 21:23:08 -0800
Neil Hodge <neh attbi com> wrote:

> Tom:
> On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 21:00, TomF wrote:
> > pkg-config --modversion gdk-2.0 returned 2.0.6 on my system.  What
> > does this mean?  I would rather not upgrade, since we don't want to
> > require a later version of gnome2 than that shipped with Redhat 8.0,
> > unless necessary.
> > 
> I believe that that is the correct stock version of gtk2 for RH80. 
> And assuming that gnucash is doable in gtk1 (which it does seem to
> be), then any version of gtk2 (even an early one) should be an
> improvement.

Thanks.  I think I'll just ignore the pkg-config message unless I get
some kind of build error.


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