Re: Signal connection

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

>> Is there another way to achieve this effect?  I looked at
>> GConnectFlags and the functions that use this, but I'm not sure these
>> functions are appropriate.  g_signal_connect_data() looks promising,
>> but I'm not sure about using a GClosure (I don't need one, whatever
>> they are).  What a GClosure actually /is/ isn't documented, at least
>> in my version of the docs, so I'm unsure what to do here.  Any
>> suggestions would be kindly appreciated!
> g_signal_connect_data() will work.
> The GClosureNotify there has nothing to do with closures; it's
> just used because it has the right signature. It's a function
> to call when the signal is disconnected to free the callback data
> and you can pass NULL.

Super, thanks!

Roger Leigh

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