Re: Problem with Pango On IBM AIX 4.3.3

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 22:51:14 +0300, "B. Souliotis" said:

> I've already found that at link time -berok is used
> So i replaced it and I've seen which function are unresolved at link time.
> So corectly the -lglib-2.0 was missing.
> I fixed it and it works fine now.

Glad to hear it.. ;)

> Do you Know if -lrtl is the same as -brtl at linking
> And this option helps at run time af a program to find the shared libraries.

rtl is the Run Time Linking library to support lazy binding.  The -lrtl and
-brtl are almost but not quite the same thing.  There's a minor semantic
difference that I can't remember well enough to cite authoritatively,
check 'man ld' and the AIX docs on lazy linking (referenced in the 'man ld'). 

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