Re: Problem with Pango On IBM AIX 4.3.3

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:40:54 +0300, "B. Souliotis" <bill beta-cae gr>  said:

> I've tried to compile the glib-2.2.1 pango-1.2.1 atk-1.2.0 and
> gtk+-2.2.1 on IBM
> with AIX 4.3.3 using xlc compiler and not gcc
> The compilation was made succesfull after some minor changes in Makefiles.
> When compiling the above packages with configure --enable-static=yes and
> --enable-shared=no
> all the demos programs from gtk+-2.2.1 work as well.

> After some trials to find the problem I'realized that all glib functions
> that called from
> pango has problem.Because

The problem is that IBM's linker has some "odd" ideas about cross-library
calls.  Basically, what happens is that libtool is linking pango without
a -lglib flag, and a -berok flag to accept errors.  At runtime, shared lib
linking for pango doesn't resolve anything in because there's
no reference for it in


1) Fix libtool to not pass -berok and then make sure all the needed -lwhatever
are specified at each step.  Yes, you'll end up with very long -l lists once
you get to gtk+.

2) Use the '-blazy' and/or '-lrtl' flags to do lazy-loading of shared objects.
This works, but then you have to specify -lrtl for all programs that use the
libraries.  Also, the man page warns ' Programs that depend upon the comparison
of function pointers should not use lazy loading.' because different modules
can get different values for the same function pointer.

Hope this helps...

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