dhirendra(some doubts of GTK+)


 I am working with the interface of messanger like yahoo...
but faccing some problem to complete this....
if you clear my doubts then I will really be greatfull to you... because this 
i am doing to finish my mini project to complete my study carriculam...

1) how to add figure or bitmap on the title of the widget.

2) how to display any widget to any particular possition of the window.

3) how to make one sub widget which is connected to main widget...
   I have made separate-2 widget for login interface & to the down of that
   but I am unable to understand how to get both widget together and in the same 
   possition like yahoo we have...

4) how to make widget without any close button, minimise button or reduce button...

   really ,I will be very greatfull if you will clear my all doubts...

thanking you.
Dhirendra Kumar

response to me
userdhiru sify com
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