Re: set attributes to rows in GtkTreeView

Am Mit, 2002-03-13 um 16.57 schrieb Havoc Pennington:
> I don't think there is one. What's the application?
> You probably have to change the color of each cell separately by
> setting properties on the cell renderer or writing a custom cell
> renderer.
> You can create alternating colors with gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint().
the target is, different typ of row to mark, z.b. red for total, green
for subtotal and so on. And the second goal is to mark record whith
certain semantics. 
> Looks like a divide-by-zero in gtkrange.c. This is in 2.0.0?
Yes 2.0 on alpha - 64 bit - offen a problem.
btw I have a second question - we are porting a motif appl with
bxm-widgets. the list widget has a feature to fixed the first column. so
when the the record to show is very large, you can scroll to the rigth
und the first column with the key is not scrolling, it named 'vertical
title'. Is such a feature in GtkTreeView. 

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