Re: set attributes to rows in GtkTreeView

Bernd Demian <bdemian csc-dd de> writes: 
> First the question: Can somebody show me a simple way to change the
> color of one or more rows in GtkTreeView. In CList it was simple to use
> the function gtk_clist_set_background. 

I don't think there is one. What's the application?

You probably have to change the color of each cell separately by
setting properties on the cell renderer or writing a custom cell

You can create alternating colors with gtk_tree_view_set_rules_hint().

> Second the bug : I have gtk+ installed on True64 and in the testgtk appl
> it crased when I select the text.
> Here is the stack from core file. I hope somebody can find the bug.

Looks like a divide-by-zero in gtkrange.c. This is in 2.0.0?
> and thirdly the suspicion, when you compress a string with g_strcompress
> and the last char is '\', it seems the function destroyed the memory.

Indeed, it looks like the function is broken. Can you report this on

You can put the tree-row-color feature request there too, but should
explain your use-case for the feature to aid in deciding on an API.


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