RE: How do online html docs in GTK+? in /portable/ way possible too?


Christian Seberino <seberino spawar navy mil> writes:

> Netscape sounds interesting.... do you
> know how to do this?... does this mean "fork" and "exec"
> system calls? I don't suppose it is possible to do this with
> PThreads is it?

See Sven's reply. He has a good idea on this option.

> Your first idea sounds like the easiest (unless Netscape spawning
> is easy.)
> since all you have to do is make a window and painfully put
> text in it with gtk_labels!?!? Is that the way to do your #1?

Yes, I was suggesting the most simple method first. You can get "fancy" by
using resource files to specify the fonts/colors/etc. (or do it by hand).

You could also use the text widget and specify different colors/fonts for
lines of text. I believe that GTK+2 makes this a bit easier than GTK+1.x.



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