Re: How do online html docs in GTK+? in /portable/ way possible too?


Christian Seberino <seberino spawar navy mil> writes:

> Netscape sounds interesting.... do you
> know how to do this?... does this mean "fork" and "exec"
> system calls? I don't suppose it is possible to do this with PThreads is it?

I suppose you have a look the code of the webbrowser plug-in in The
GIMP (please make sure you understand the license notices in the
plug-in source). This little plug-in implements the same technique
that is used by the gnome-moz-remote utility. It searches an already
openend Netscape/Mozilla window and opens the given URL there or
starts a new one for you.

If you are using GNOME, consider to use the utilities they offer. IIRC,
there's a simple call to open an URL in the browser of users choice.

Salut, Sven

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