RE: How do online html docs in GTK+? in /portable/ way possible too?

There are a couple of ways to do this.

1. Build a Help/About dialog with the desired information. Create a callback
for the Help/About menu option. In this callback function, create the dialog
(if it is not already created) and set it visable. Make the "OK" button in
the dialog box change the visibility to false.

2. Start Netscape/Mozilla and have it display a html page with your info.

3. Use the gtkhtml widget to build your own dialog box that displays HTML
containing your info.

Just a couple of thoughts.


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> too?
> How do I get "Help/About" boxes to appear when someone
> chooses this from a menu and other docs I want displayed???
> If anyone knew how to fire up a Netscape process that would
> be helpful.......
> I'm a little concerned though that this will not be portable
> to machines with no Netscape?!?! Like Windows perhaps!??!?
> Chris
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