Re: GTK 2.0.3 with GTK 1.2.10

> Given that GTK 1.2 and 2.0 *should* be able to happily co-exist, this
> is a *strong* indication that you've managed to bork up something else..

Wohoo... I love it when I bork something up...  :)

> > Any help would be nice. oh yeah, programs I was compiling, Pan, XChat,
> > Sylpheed, and gftp.  I did update libpng, libtiff, pkg-config, and
> > libxml2 to switch over to the GTK 2.0 version of Pan.
> And here is where I'd start looking - a borked upgrade of libpng would
> be my first guess (since that would hose up pixmaps for gtk 1.2
> programs)
> What release of PNG were you running, what did you install, and how did
> both versions get installed (rpm, apt-get, both built from source, etc?)

Well libpng was running 1.0.9 which was installed from a Slack 8.0-- (read
7.2) install.  I removed that pacakage and installed the latest version
(1.2.3) from source (using makefile.linux)... updated libs with ldconfig.

Well it seems that it was the version of libpng (1.2.3).  Whatever they
did to the API really screwed things up. libpng 1.0.13 works just fine. 
After compiling both linpng 1.0.13 and 1.2.3 and installing both things
seem to work fine.  Pan can find the versions it needs (both GTK1.2 and
GTK2.0 versions, although GTK2.0 version was super ugly and didn't work
real well)... Gftp has a problem with GTK2.0 (or at least the size of the
drop boxes and scroll bars made it useless).  GTK2.0 probably would work
just fine if everything used it and everything was compiled for it
only.... but for now, I think I'll stick with GTK1.2.

Thanks for help Valdis... next time I guess I should watch those libraries
more closely.

	"Black holes are where God divided by zero."
				--Steven Wright

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