GTK 2.0.3 with GTK 1.2.10


I have just decided to install GTK 2.0.3 (I still have GTK 1.2.10
installed) so I could try new versions of some of my programs... boy was I
disappointed.  I have a couple issues I hope someone can help me with.

First one, in GTK 2.x apps, why are all the fonts ugly again... I assume
it has to do with a config file thing somewhere... oh and the good part,
the theme selector in the gnome control panel doesn't work anymore...

Second, all my previously compiled GTK 1.2.x programs now look horrible,
buttons that don't work right or scroll bars that don't appear, and a
general sluggishness to all my programs (including newly compiled GTK 2.x

Third, even when I recompile GTK 1.2.x programs making sure they are using
GTK 1.2 instead of 2.x, they still have all the problems they had before I
recompiled them.

I don't really want to recompile everything on my system until Gnome 2.0
is released into stable tree (I will probably compile Gnome 2.0 from
source, as I did with Gnome 1.4).  I will be more than happy to take GTK
2.x off my computer, to make it work, as the new versions of the programs
suck (they are ugly and too slow)... I am in the middle of changing back
to all GTK 1.2 apps at the moment.

I would like some help though as the GTK 1.2 programs are messed up and I
would like them to work again, seeing as I really don't want to switch to

Any help would be nice. oh yeah, programs I was compiling, Pan, XChat,
Sylpheed, and gftp.  I did update libpng, libtiff, pkg-config, and libxml2
to switch over to the GTK 2.0 version of Pan.


	"Black holes are where God divided by zero."
				--Steven Wright

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