Re: GTK 2.0.3 with GTK 1.2.10

On Sun, 02 Jun 2002 19:53:28 PDT, Patrick Kellaher <kalmite cox net>  said:

> First one, in GTK 2.x apps, why are all the fonts ugly again... I assume
> it has to do with a config file thing somewhere... oh and the good part,
> the theme selector in the gnome control panel doesn't work anymore...

Yes, something probably needs fixing for config files - unless it's also
a symptom of the stuff below....

> Second, all my previously compiled GTK 1.2.x programs now look horrible,
> buttons that don't work right or scroll bars that don't appear, and a

Given that GTK 1.2 and 2.0 *should* be able to happily co-exist, this
is a *strong* indication that you've managed to bork up something else..

> Any help would be nice. oh yeah, programs I was compiling, Pan, XChat,
> Sylpheed, and gftp.  I did update libpng, libtiff, pkg-config, and libxml2
> to switch over to the GTK 2.0 version of Pan.

And here is where I'd start looking - a borked upgrade of libpng would
be my first guess (since that would hose up pixmaps for gtk 1.2 programs)

What release of PNG were you running, what did you install, and how did both
versions get installed (rpm, apt-get, both built from source, etc?)
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				Virginia Tech

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