Re: Menu Item drawing an accelerator

Hallo Allen!

> I would like to add accelerator text to my menu items,
> without actually using a real accelerator i.e I
> would like to have: "Cut     Ctl-X" in the menu, but
> do not want to define an accelerator.

What about setting up 2 widgets in the item?

Maybe that is not a very smart solution, but
I would try to get the label of the item button widget
to put an hbox upon it instead of the single label),
using reparent if this is still in gtk2.

In that box I would put 2 labels. One that contains
the title and the other one containing the accelerator?
I think if the accelerator strings lengths are of the
same length if would look the way you want it.
That way you could add nice xpms (like these stock
items) also.


Mathias Nudge Hartwig

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