Re: drop and drag context menu class

I've been wondering if this idea was
a) not of interest at all to folks
b) interesting but not interesting enough or useful enough for folks to
want it in the main GTK2 codebase
c) Only really of interest if/when I iron out all bugs and document it.

I ask because I think many apps would provide context drop menus if it
wasn't much of a coding burden to do so. I also ask so that I know if
its option (b || c) I can tailor my use of the gtk-list in the future.

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 19:57, Ben Martin wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have a prealpha of a GtkObject that you can attach to a widget and
> it emits signals for when you should create a popup menu and emits a
> custom pop_drag_data_received signal (which is like its non pop- version
> but adds an extra arg of the menuitem that was dropped over)
> There is a mayor bug in the code in that it doesn't cleanup the GTK+
> drag and drop enough. I have RTFM on this and played a bit with it,
> possibly adding insane bugs in the attempt to get it to finish the gtk
> drop operation. I am hopeful that someone on the list with GTK+2 D&D
> knowledge can point me in the direction of what I am doing wrong.
> Note that the code is a little messy at current, sorry about that. I
> think it would be cool to have something like this GTK/GObject in the
> main GTK+ distro so that people can make D&D context menus easier than
> what is available currently.
> Thanks.
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