drop and drag context menu class

  I have a prealpha of a GtkObject that you can attach to a widget and
it emits signals for when you should create a popup menu and emits a
custom pop_drag_data_received signal (which is like its non pop- version
but adds an extra arg of the menuitem that was dropped over)


There is a mayor bug in the code in that it doesn't cleanup the GTK+
drag and drop enough. I have RTFM on this and played a bit with it,
possibly adding insane bugs in the attempt to get it to finish the gtk
drop operation. I am hopeful that someone on the list with GTK+2 D&D
knowledge can point me in the direction of what I am doing wrong.

Note that the code is a little messy at current, sorry about that. I
think it would be cool to have something like this GTK/GObject in the
main GTK+ distro so that people can make D&D context menus easier than
what is available currently.


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