Re: GtkTextView, g_signal_connect_after and button_press_event

Unai <unai astorkiza wanadoo es> writes:

> El Jue 08 Ago 2002 17:13, Gustavo Giráldez escribió:
> > > How can I use the g_signal_connect_after for the button_press_event
> > > on the GtkTextView? It seems that the TextView is handling the
> > > event and my callback isn't called by the left mouse button. (the
> > > right mouse button works ok).
> > >
> > Use g_signal_connect instead, and return FALSE if you didn't handle
> > the event, so that the GtkTextView can continue processing.  
> The problem is that i need it to be "after". It is used to get the 
> cursor position in a message window, and i need to get the position 
> after the widget places the cursor in the clicked point. Is there any 
> way to tell the TextView widget to pass the event to another callback 
> after it does his work?

::mark-set is indeed the best way to do this, but for reference,
if you really need to get notification after an event occurs,
you can use ::event-after signal of GtkWidget.


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