Re: GtkTextView, g_signal_connect_after and button_press_event

El Jue 08 Ago 2002 17:13, Gustavo Giráldez escribió:
> > How can I use the g_signal_connect_after for the button_press_event
> > on the GtkTextView? It seems that the TextView is handling the
> > event and my callback isn't called by the left mouse button. (the
> > right mouse button works ok).
> >
> Use g_signal_connect instead, and return FALSE if you didn't handle
> the event, so that the GtkTextView can continue processing.  

The problem is that i need it to be "after". It is used to get the 
cursor position in a message window, and i need to get the position 
after the widget places the cursor in the clicked point. Is there any 
way to tell the TextView widget to pass the event to another callback 
after it does his work?

> Also,
> keep in mind that the correct callback prototype is:
> gboolean callback (GtkWidget *widget,
> 		   GdkEventButton *event,
> 		   gpointer data);

Yes, thanks, i've it correct in the code, i just put it wrong in the 

Thanks for the reply :-)


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