Re: GtkTextView, g_signal_connect_after and button_press_event

El Vie 09 Ago 2002 00:56, Gustavo Giráldez escribió:
> On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 13:05, Unai wrote:
> > El Jue 08 Ago 2002 17:13, Gustavo Giráldez escribió:
> > > > How can I use the g_signal_connect_after for the
> > > > button_press_event on the GtkTextView? It seems that the
> > > > TextView is handling the event and my callback isn't called by
> > > > the left mouse button. (the right mouse button works ok).
> Oh, in that case you should connect to the "mark_set" signal of the
> text buffer.  The cursor position is kept in a buffer mark (named
> "insert"), so when the cursor moves, the mark is moved, and the
> signal is emitted. You can take a look at the glimmer module which
> does exactly this (prints the cursor position in a status bar).

Thanks a lot :-). I'll test it tomorrow.


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