Re: Sr. GTK Systems Programmer - US - NY - New York

> Bear in mind that not all of us live in the States, or want to work
> there. A LUG mailing list may be a relevant place to post job 
> adverts, but an international mailing list related to something 
> technical is not.

Hmmm, I thought this was a GUG list (Gtk Users Group) ... we're Gtk users,
right? How is that different than a LUG list?

Though you may not live in the United States and you may not want to work in
the United State there are probably plenty of people who may want to. 

This list should accept job postings (though multiple postings like this one
shouldn't be allowed). If the list ever becomes so saturated with job postings
(and the Gtk community should be happy if that ever happens) then we create a
seperate list just for jobs. But, until that time comes you should be willing
to give people who might be looking for work a break (some of use have been
hit pretty hard by the recent US economic slump) and use your mail program's
filtering capabilities to filter out job postings.


Jason Bodnar

Jason Bodnar
jason shakabuku org

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