Re: Sr. GTK Systems Programmer - US - NY - New York

Rich Shepard wrote:

  I've no idea what sort of work you do, but here in the upper, left corner
of the country there are a lot of unemployed techies. We encourage job
postings on the local LUG mail list, and I forwarded this one to it, too.

  Unless the postings are explicit spam, I suggest that we all tolerate the
occasional job post regardless of whether or not we might be interested.

The upper, left corner of the country? What Liverpool way? Oh, you mean
*that* country.

Bear in mind that not all of us live in the States, or want to work
there. A LUG mailing list may be a relevant place to post job adverts,
but an international mailing list related to something technical is


chris wareham iosystems co uk (work)
cwareham btinternet com (home)

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