Re: Sr. GTK Systems Programmer - US - NY - New York

On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Mark Mielke wrote:

> I do not see this mailing list as a job posting forum. I am commenting
> on this, because I think I have seen this exact posting 3 or more times
> already in the last couple of months. If every company posted job openings
> to this mailing list, it would be very annoying. Therefore, it does not
> make sense that one company would get special treatment by being allowed
> to post, where the postings of others would be frowned upon.


  I've no idea what sort of work you do, but here in the upper, left corner
of the country there are a lot of unemployed techies. We encourage job
postings on the local LUG mail list, and I forwarded this one to it, too.

  Unless the postings are explicit spam, I suggest that we all tolerate the
occasional job post regardless of whether or not we might be interested.


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