Re: What's the "Hangul shaper"? Sounds like a power tool...

"Neil Hodgson" <nhodgson bigpond net au> writes: 
>    Not only is it Broken On Purpose but some Tk users insist it is the Right
> Thing To Do, to the extent that they want this behaviour added to Scintilla,
> my text widget. So if you do fix it, you should probably make the fix
> conditional.

Do they have a decent rationale for the behavior? If so I'm happy to
declare it a feature. ;-)

Skip I'm thinking this morning that one hard thing about the change is
that the TextView always has to _display_ a single line, so you have
somewhere to put the cursor, even if there are no lines. I think the
display code pukes all over the place when you have zero lines.


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