Re: editor with syntax highlighting for GTK+/GNOME API


"John Golubenko" <golubenkoj columbiafunds com> writes:

> Emacs doesn't do it either. Of course I can modify the sources to make it
> work, but it's another story. 

you don't need to modify any source. Just add a few lines to your .emacs.
Something like:

  '(c-font-lock-extra-types (quote ("gint" "gfloat" "gchar"
    "gint8" "gint16" "gint32" "guint" "guint8" "guint16" 
    "guint32" "guchar" "glong" "gboolean" "gshort" "gushort"
    "gulong" "gdouble" "gldouble" "gpointer" "G_\\w+"
    "GList" "GSList" "GFunc" "GPOINTER_\\w+" "GINT_\\w+" "GUINT_\\w+"
    "Gtk\\w+" "Gdk\\w+" "GTK\\w+" "GDK\\w+" "NULL"
    "Gimp\\w+" "GIMP\\w+"
    "Pango\\w+" "PANGO\\w+"
    "->" "FALSE" "TRUE" "FILE" "MIN" "MAX" "CLAMP" "ABS" "DIR" "\\sw+_t"

You will want to modify/extend this list a bit and I'm sure there are
better ways to do this, but this one works reasonably well.

Salut, Sven

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