RE: editor with syntax highlighting for GTK+/GNOME API

I meant that those editors hightligh only
int, float, char, etc., a common keywords, but not keywords like GtkObject,
GtkWidget, gtk_main_quit, etc. Also you can see what i'm talking about by
the url i've posted, and look at [before] and [after] screenshots. The one
named [before]
shows what every editor out there does, and [after] shows highlighting that
i want.
Emacs doesn't do it either. Of course I can modify the sources to make it
work, but it's
another story. Also I don't feel good about discussing it on this public
list, sinse it's kinda offtopic... anyway, thanks a lot,

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>Thanks Alfons,
>but it doesnt hightlight GTK+/GNOME API, it does for regular C, etc.

the GTK+ and GNOME API's are written in C. what on earth does it mean
to "highlight" the API of a particular library?

emacs can do what you want to. obviously, since emacs is turing-complete.


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