Re: Managing focus through a GtkSocket - anyone??

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Could you provide some more examples of:
>  - What are trying to do
>  - What happens
>  - What you expect to happen.

  See attached; should be straightforward to make. They're two
progs. ripped from the GTK examples.

  In essence: I want to be notified of focus within plugin
'text'. If you:

% ./text 0

  ... then moving the pointer in & out gives the focus-in event
to it: it prints "<text-event>".

  Hoever, the same thing as a plugin:

% ./rangewidgets &
[1] 9537
./text 0x8800015     # output from rangewidgets - type this in
% ./text 0x8800015

  ... puts text inside rangewidgets as expected, but nothing I
then do will cause 'text' to print out the event text - it seems
to just not get those events.

> Focusing with Plug/Socket is supposed to work identically
> as without plug/socket. And to my knowledge this is
> the case for 1.2.10 + patch. (Other versions might show
> various small defects, but will mostly work like this.)

  Then I guess I'm probably doing something daft!

> What if you try programs like the GNOME control center -
> does focusing work there for you?

  It's a bit difficult to draw a parallel there; that sort of
thing works as I'd expect, but AFAIK none of it relies upon
receipt of focus events within the plugins.

  What I'm *actually* trying to do in plug [g]vim into a
GtkSocket. This 'does stuff' that it needs to when it knows it
has focus. But it never gets these events, and so never works

  This is my first hurdle as getting it to work properly. The
next is that key presses (left/right/etc.) ATM get processed by
both the rangewidgets meta-app *and* the plugin vim. But I'm
hoping that'll work better when I have this focus thing sorted.

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