Re: GtkStyles and RC-Files.

Simon Budig (Simon Budig unix-ag uni-siegen de) wrote:
> I have attached two files, a testbug.c which is written for gtk+-1.2.10
> and a testbug.gtkrc which gets parsed at runtime.

I did not, but mitch helped me in resolving this issue. I thought,
that the "name"-Argument to GtkWidget would specify the full name,
but it actually is just the last part of the name.

Ok, but this makes the approach as sketched by Sven a little bit
more complicated, because if you have a Widget named:


it matches against "*foobw*" and "*foowb*" and I have no chance to
say, that the foowb has a higher preference, because it is later in
the name-hierarchy.

Oh well. This is weird

      Simon Budig unix-ag org

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