Re: GtkStyles and RC-Files.

Simon Budig (Simon Budig unix-ag uni-siegen de) wrote:
> Sven Neumann (sven gimp org) wrote:
> > Of course you can name your buttons "foobw_okbutton", "foobw_cancelbutton" 
> > and the like as long as it matches the definition in the gtkrc.
> Ok, this works and is a solution for my problem.

Hmm - maybe I said this too early.

Somehow the matching against widget-names is weird.
I have attached two files, a testbug.c which is written for gtk+-1.2.10
and a testbug.gtkrc which gets parsed at runtime.

In this combination everything works as expected. The two buttons have
red resb. green text on black background in the normal state.

However, if I change the lines

widget "*brokkoli*" style "red"
widget "*gemuese*" style "green"


widget "*brokkoli" style "red"
widget "*gemuese" style "green"

somehow only the half style gets applied. I have a black background
and black text here, but I also had (in a similiar program dark grey
text appeared).

When I change that to

widget "brokkoli" style "red"
widget "gemuese" style "green"

the styles don't get applied.

Is there some weird Name-mangling going on inside the library? What is
hapening here?

Thanks for your help,
      Simon Budig unix-ag org

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