Re: GtkStyles and RC-Files.


Simon Budig <Simon Budig unix-ag uni-siegen de> writes:

> > simply define your styles in the gtkrc and add lines like
> > 
> >  widget "*foobw*" style "foobw"
> >  widget "*foowb*" style "foowb"
> > 
> > Then name your buttons "foobw" or "foowb" using gtk_widget_set_name() and 
> > you are done.
> But this implies, that I have multiple buttons with the same name
> (is this "legal"? Probably.), and it will be harder to identify a widget
> if I want e.g. to assign a binding to a special widget.

Of course you can name your buttons "foobw_okbutton", "foobw_cancelbutton" 
and the like as long as it matches the definition in the gtkrc.

Salut, Sven

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