Re: Error when usinf NCD Xterminal

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Owen can answer this better but is out of town, so I'll try.
> Kevin Handy <kth srv net> writes:
> > I am getting the following error twice (always 2 copies of this error)
> > on an NCD hmx Xterminal whenever I try to run anything using gtk.
> >
> > Xlib: extension "XInputExtension" missing on display "sales:0.0"
> Is the error fatal or is it just printing this and moving on?

It is fatal. Prints the error twice, then quits.
If it were not fatal, then I could ignore it.

> If nothing else you could perhaps rebuild GTK and pass
> --with-xinput=no to configure, then it won't try to use xinput.

Any way to try it from the command line. I thought there were some
options that could turn off various things. (This is from a RedHat
7.1 install, and trying to get the paths and versions correct on 
everything installed is sometimes very difficult)

> > Looking at xdpyinfo for the terminal in question, it lists
> > "XInputExtension" as being there, among many other extensions.
> If the terminal lists the extension but doesn't actually support it,
> then that would certainly confuse GTK. (Or more accurately, it
> probably confuses Xlib, but GTK is using the Xlib functions that use
> this extension.) The X terminal is definitely badly broken if it does
> this kind of false advertising, though.

NCD usually has a good reputation for their X terminals, and it would
suprise me if they were broken this way. Is there some way to test
for this? If it is true, then I'd want to bug them about it, and try to
get fixed software.

> > These programs work on older NCD Xterminals, and on some really old
> > NDS Xterminals, but not this particular model.
> You are saying GTK works on the older terminals? Do they have the X
> input extension?

Yes. This company has several models of X terminals (some color, some
and it seems to work on all except the HMX terminals, which are of much
more recent models than the others. The NCD's seem to all specify that
they have XInputExtension in the xdpyinfo printout. Haven't looked
at all of them, but those that I have show it.

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