Re: efficient use of canvas lines

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 19:11:11 -0500 (COT)
Jose Fernando Diago <jdiago escher puj edu co> wrote:

> > (Now I'm trying to figure out how to print what
> > we're drawing... Any suggestions?)
> Havoc pointed me in what it seems to be the only direction when dealing
> with printing a drawable. He said:
> "gdk-pixbuf can take a snapshot of a drawable, and gnome-print has a
> routine to print a GdkPixbuf. You can copy the code if you don't want
> to use the libraries."

Unfortunately, that isn't really an acceptable solution for high-quality,
high-resolution printouts (Like maps).  Imagine the pixelization of taking
a small screenshot and simply scaling it to a large sheet of paper (ie One
size of your desk).  When you have to print this kind of stuff, you can't
simply use the pixels on the screen - You have to re-render the data (Which
is why I had hoped that the internals of GDK could be rerouted to some form
of Postscript output).
Oh well, looks like we'll have to make do with what we're doing (for now?)

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