Re: efficient use of canvas lines

Ian Britten wrote:
> > For printing, I just output postscript and leave all the mess for the
> > printer to deal with. As long as the user has a nice printer, you're
> > fine ...
> Do you do this via the GDK interface, or to you do use a separate API?
> I haven't seen a way to get GDK to output PS, so we've got stuff like:
>     if (printing)
>            // Generate PostScript
>     else
>            // Draw the screen using GDK
> It would be nice if it automagically generated Postscript, but I seem to
> recall that the higher-level Canvas(es) need to be used to get PS out.
> (One can always hope though! ;-)

Ah, I see what you mean, sorry. No, I have a separate "API" ... the user
has to pop up a xterm window and run a PS filter on the image file :-)

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