Re: efficient use of canvas lines

> So, we're generally not using any of this clever, advanced GTK stuff, and
> are manually calling gdk_draw_lines(), gdk_draw_rgb_image(), etc. on a
> drawawble ourselves.  (Now I'm trying to figure out how to print what
> we're drawing... Any suggestions?)

Havoc pointed me in what it seems to be the only direction when dealing
with printing a drawable. He said:

"gdk-pixbuf can take a snapshot of a drawable, and gnome-print has a
routine to print a GdkPixbuf. You can copy the code if you don't want
to use the libraries."

And later he told me where to get some example code about this:

"There's a new app that does exactly this (gdk-pixbuf for screenshots,
gnome-print to print):

So I went to the URL and downloaded the source code which was simple to
understand, but requires (IMHO) too many gnome libraries for my simple-gtk
taste & needs. I'm still trying to avoid the use of certain gnome calls
that I don't want to use, but it seems that there's no available
documentation about gnome-print (to know for sure what can I avoid and
how to avoid it).


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