Re: HandleBoxes and modal windows

Marek Paliwoda <paliwoda inetia pl> writes:
> Under X trying to dettach handle boxes from a window that is
> modal, I get my X instalation freezed completly and I can not 
> do anything more with X until I kill my program from a text 
> session.
> Is it intentional that there is impossible to dettach handle 
> boxes from windows which are modal under X ? Or did I do 
> something wrong ?
> A window is set to be modal with gtk_window_set_modal().
> I use RH 7.1 with XFree 4.0.3, S3V server for S3 ViRGE card 
> (3.3.6-35) and GTK 1.2.10.
> Under Windows 98 with GTK built 2000/12/26 there is no such
> problem. Everything seems to work OK.

Probably a bug, I can imagine how that would happen.
(gtk_grab_add() on modal window and gdk_pointer_grab() on the handle

You should file it on so it can be addressed
in the next bugfix release.


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