Re: GtkWidget allocation/requisition width/height broken?

"David J. Topper" <topper virginia edu> writes:
> I'm trying to get size data on widgets to pass along to canvas
> routines.  But when I print out GtkWidget->allocation.width, etc ...
> I get numbers like 0 and 1 only.
> What units are these?  Or is this broken in GTK 1.2.8?

They're in pixels. However widget->allocation is only filled in when
the widget actually goes through the request/allocate process, it
isn't magically kept up-to-date at all times.

Look at how containers work, you need to emulate that. (If you're
using GnomeCanvasWidget in principle it does this. But note that the
request/allocate is normally done in an idle handler for efficiency.)


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