Re: How to manage a window flowing over another?

"Bluez Zhao" <zhyforever 163 net> writes: 
> But can you tell me which code should be written in the call-back handler of
> "realize"? I don't just limit it to the question about
> gdk_window_set_decorations() I asked before. Many widgets are created in a
> program, I can't invoke gtk_widget_realize()  or write a "realize" handler
> for every widget. I should only write for those who need it necessarily. My
> question is which and when should I do that?

Realization creates the windowing system resources, such as
widget->window. Therefore any operation that uses windowing system
resources should be done post-realize.

The vast majority of GTK operations work fine before the widget is realized.
GDK is the window system layer, so almost all GDK functions require
the widget to be realized. But you rarely call GDK functions directly.


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