How to manage a window flowing over another?

Hi, all. I have a very simple question.
I want to have two windows. One shouldn't have border, max, min buttons etc, and the other should flow over the first one. That is to say setting the second one transient for the first one.
I create the two windows use gtk_window_new(). If I set the first one as GTK_WINDOW_POPUP, then the second can't be set as transient for it. If I set the second one as GTK_WINDOW_POPUP, it can be set transient but it can't be moved. What should I do?
And another question, there are many times I need to use an GdkWindow as argument, but I create the widget as a GtkWidget, if I use widget->window, it often gives warnings and fails when it's run. How can I know if a GtkWidget has a GdkWindow?
Hope I express my question clearly and thanks in advance.
Bluez Zhao

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