Re: gtk main and slemr main

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 01:54:31PM -0400, Matt Eisemann wrote:
> To add one other question, I also want to get the value of XtAppContext if 
> I can since I need to pass this value into a middleware function that we 
> use.  Can these values be obtained or not.

No, because GTK+ doesn't use XtAppContext, as it's not an X
Toolkit-based widget set.

> If I can't init the x invironment and the gtk_init also,

Well, the first question is "what do you mean by 'the X environment'"?

"gtk_init()" initializes the X Window System environment, but it doesn't
initialize the X Toolkit environment, as GTK+ doesn't use the X Toolkit
environment; a widget set can use X without using the X Toolkit.

If Middleware requires Xt routines, it requires not only the X Window
System but also requires the X Toolkit; I don't know how difficult, or
even possible, it'd be to use GTK+ and mix in X Toolkit stuff as well,
as GTK+ implements some of the same stuff that the X Toolkit implements,
and the two implementations may get in each other's way.

You might have to describe all the Xt calls Middleware makes, and when,
where, and why it uses them, in order for us to figure out how it could
be made to use GTK+ instead, for use in GTK+ applications.

UNIX/GTK+ and UNIX/X-Toolkit+Motif should perhaps be thought of as
different platforms for Middleware to support, although the
non-window-system stuff can probably be shared by the code for those two

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