Re: gtk main and slemr main

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 03:57:31PM -0400, Matt Eisemann wrote:
> so am i out of luck.  It seems pretty clear that middleware is based upon 
> the 'X Toolkit' environment and gtk is not.  Since they both have main 
> event loops and I need to use them both in my application, what would be 
> the best solution?  Should I use threads..... something I know next to 
> nothing about or something else.

Well, the possibilities I see are:

	1) change Middleware to make UNIX+X+GTK another platform that
	   Middleware supports, along with the other platforms listed on

	   by using GTK+ and GDK routines rather than Xt and Motif
	   routines (I don't have access to the source code to
	   Middleware, so I don't know what use it makes of Xt routines,
	   so I can't say how one would do that);

	2) arrange, if possible, to have Middleware call the event-loop
	   routines for GTK without using GTK's event loop in its
	   entirety, as somebody else suggested (Xt has its own main
	   loop, "XtAppMainLoop()", so Middleware presumably either
	   doesn't use it, calling Xt's event-loop routines without
	   using Xt's main loop, or it somehow manages to allow its main
	   loop to coexist with Xt's main loop - if the latter is true,
	   you might want to see if you can do the same with GTK's main

	3) arrange, if possible, to have Middleware's main loop routines
	   called from GTK's main loop (if it has main loop routines to
	   handle events on file descriptors without actually doing the
	   main loop);

	4) see if you can make something work with threads (you're on
	   your own for that one).

If I infer correctly from your e-mail address that you work at Digital
System Resources, the makers of Middleware, you may be in a position to
modify Middleware to work with GTK as well as working with the X Toolkit
Intrinsics ("Xt") plus tookits (such as Motif) based on Xt, or, at
least, to get advice on how to get Middleware to work with non-Xt-based

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