Re: gtk main and slemr main

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 12:04:43PM -0400, Matt Eisemann wrote:
> regarding this issue, our 'middleware has specific functions for x window 
> based applications where we use it for motif
> and in the application one is expected to call XtVaAppInitialize - which I 
> guess initializes the x window environment.

It initializes the "X Toolkit" environment; Motif is a widget set built
atop the "X Toolkit", but GTK+ is a widget set not built atop the "X
Toolkit".  Not all X-based toolkits use the "X Toolkit".

> This call is needed for some 
> of our
> Middleware stuff.  Is x - window based application calls like the one above 
> supported by GTK+ or not?

The way to initialize the GTK+ environment is to call "gtk_init()".

If Middleware makes calls to routines with names beginning with "Xt",
it's not going to handle all X-based applications, it's going to handle
only applications using "X Toolkit"-based widget sets such as Motif, not
non-"X Toolkit" based widget sets such as GTK+ or Qt.

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