Re: [gtk-list] Re: non-exiting gtk_exit()

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> Tomas Berndtsson <> writes: 
> > May I ask what the reason for gtk_exit() is, if it doesn't do anything 
> > else than exit()?
> I think it's basically deprecated. Personally I think it _should_ do
> something other than exit, and then GTK wouldn't install an atexit()
> function, but that's not possible given the amount of legacy code that
> doesn't call gtk_exit().
> Maybe 1.4 could let you optionally not install the atexit() function,
> in which case a gtk_cleanup() call would be required.

Hmm.. maybe this is just my problem, that GTK has an atexit()
function, but when the exit() in my program is reached, the thread
using GTK has already been terminated. In that case, the above would
be required for it to work properly.

When is the atexit() installed, in gtk_init()?


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