non-exiting gtk_exit()

I use GTK+ 1.2.7 in a threaded environment, where the user interface,
using GTK+, is running in its own thread. What I want when exiting, is
to return all control to the main thread, and let all the other
threads exit, then perform a few more things unthreaded, and at last
exit the whole program.

What I found was that gtk_exit() didn't just restore the GTK+ specific 
things, and free allocated memory, but it also exited the whole
program, even if it was called from within the user interface thread.

If I did not call gtk_exit() at all, the program seg faulted somewhere 
in exit(), for unknown reasons. When calling gtk_exit(), it exited ok, 
but the extra things the main thread should do, wasn't performed.

Is there any way to do what gtk_exit() does, but not exit the program
at the same time? I need to separate the user inteface, so I can't
call gtk_exit() from the main thread.


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