Re: [gtk-list] Re: non-exiting gtk_exit()

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

> > If I did not call gtk_exit() at all, the program seg faulted somewhere 
> > in exit(), for unknown reasons. When calling gtk_exit(), it exited ok, 
> > but the extra things the main thread should do, wasn't performed.
> exit() should be fine, you just want to figure out that cause of that
> segfault. 
> > Is there any way to do what gtk_exit() does, but not exit the program
> > at the same time? 
> Yes, gtk_exit() doesn't do anything but exit, so doing nothing at all
> will do what you want. ;-)

Ok, good :)

But, it's still strange, because if I call gtk_exit(), it doesn't seg
fault. And my program doesn't seg fault when using a different
interface (also threaded). And gdb tells me that the seg fault is
somewhere in exit(), and that code is outside my code.

Oh well, thanks for the info anyway, I'll have to dig deeper into

May I ask what the reason for gtk_exit() is, if it doesn't do anything 
else than exit()?


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