Help! (CList strangeness)

Hi there,

I have a problem with a CList behaving very strangely, the titles
on the top of the CList will cycle through a 'blank' => 'text' =>
[next title] loop whenever an entry is added to the list (!)

I add entries into the list using the following code:
// ===================================================================
// Add a clip to the EDL list
// ===================================================================
void Medley::addClip(char *name char *start, char *end)
	char *entries[] = {name,start,end /*, NULL*/};
   	//gtk_clist_freeze( (GtkCList*) _list);
    	gtk_clist_append( (GtkCList*) _list, entries);
   	//gtk_clist_thaw  ( (GtkCList*) _list);
	gtk_widget_draw (_window, NULL);

... and I call the addClip routine from a thread as below:

// ===============================================================
// listen to the socket and update the list
// ===============================================================
void * listener (void *arg)
	Medley *medley = (Medley *)arg;
	while (1)
		medley->addClip("test", "test", "test");
    __threadRunning = 0;
    return NULL;

... so I expected to see entries appearing every second, and I do, but
the titles blank out as described above.

If it makes a differnece, the widget hierarchy is:

	GtkWindow                _window
	  GtkFixed               _fixed
	    GtkDrawingArea       _draw
	    GtkScrolledWindow    _swin
	      GtkCList           _list

Any ideas ? I'm stumped :-(

BTW, I'm using GTK 1.2.5


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