"Features" in Gtk

I like Gtk.

But, there are a couple of things that could be different in my opinion.

We have gtk_wdget_set_usize() but no gtk_widget_get_usize()  (Yes I know
that you can use gdk_window_get_size, but that doesn't always work for
every widget.)	This makes it very hard to save the positions of things
like vpaned and hpaned windows.  (Something the users of my application
are begging for.)

Accelerators don't work when the focus is on a GtkEntry widget of any
type.  Now, I understand that some might argue that in a GtkEntry that
the keyboard is used for entry, and it SHOULD block accelerators.  BUT,
accelerators are "normally" non-printing type characters... ctrl-a, alt-x
etc... These don't actually do anything in the GtkEntry widget anyway (no
^C pops up when I hit ctrl-c, nor is any "invisible" character in the
buffer) so... why block these accelerators? no reason to, and it makes it
very hard to create a Gtk app usable without a mouse.  (Yeah some people
want that sort of thing.. especially if it's an e-mail client.. they
don't like to remove their hands from the keyboard.)

Anyway, just my thoughts... All in all, I really like Gtk, and I will
continue to use it, but it would be nice to have these two issues
resolved somehow...

-Count Zero


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