Re: [gtk-list] Re: Anti-aliased fonts (was: GdkFonts (or rather, fonts in X))

Bernhard Herzog wrote:
> Derek Simkowiak <> writes:
> >       So: What do we need to do to automagically take advantage of the
> > new anti-aliased fonts in XFree86 4.0?  Can we get this into Gtk+ 1.4?
> Does XFree86 4.0 really support anti-aliased text? The RELNOTES and
> README.font don't mention this *at all*. If it really does, where can I
> find more information about this?

Apparently it doesn't. I'm sorry for the misinformation.
The man who had told me that XFree86 4.0 should have had AA font support
had apparently misunderstood a few things.

I apologize for the confusion.

/ Johan
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