Anti-aliased fonts (was: GdkFonts (or rather, fonts in X))

	This is a discussion from a little while ago:

> > Derek Simkowiak <> writes:
> > >       Is it possible to display scaled fonts with anti-aliasing?  If so,
> > > how?

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > No. wrote:
> The X server XFree86 in version 4.0 will be able to print text with
> antialiasing, by using a new subsystem. In other words, it will only
> benefit new applications or applications that use an updated version
> of a toolkit that would perform the rendering. GDK can be modified to
> use these new features in XFree86 4.0 and then all GDK/GTK
> applications would have antialiased text.

> In fact, it is possible for a GTK theme to override a function in the
> call chain with a function that would draw antialiased text.
> (GtkStyleClass::draw_string()) I was thinking of doing that in my own
> GTK theme (Xenophilia) which would print a specific font with
> antialiasing.

	Well, XFree86 4.0 has now been officially released.  I am not
qualified (not even close!) to make any suggestions as to how this affects
GDK, but anti-aliased fonts are something that I'm excited about.  I would
like to spawn some discussion in this area.

	So: What do we need to do to automagically take advantage of the
new anti-aliased fonts in XFree86 4.0?  Can we get this into Gtk+ 1.4?


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